Riding Over Exmoor is a livery yard and horse riding school in Scourie. We offer different boarding options at the livery and take very good care of horses in our care. We also have a riding school where both children and adults can learn to ride. This livery has been operational for 15 years and is supported by locals and horse lovers. We are known for our great service and exceptional care for the horses in our livery.

Georgia Townsend is the owner of Riding Over Exmoor and was a horse riding champion herself. She knows more about horses than most people and she absolutely lives for her work with horses. She only hires staff and stable help who also has a passion for horses. She trains all her employees herself to ensure that everyone is on the same page and that the horses get the best possible care.

Riding Over Exmoor is one of the best liveries and riding schools in the UK and no-one has ever been dissatisfied with the care or boarding of their horses at this facility. We also offer trail run opportunities for those who want to experience a new type of beauty or who wants to give their horse a bit of a treat.

For more information, browse through this blog site or contact us at info@ridingonexmoor.co.uk.